Meet JB Garrone


Chiropractor for Horses London Equine ChiropracticI have spent large proportions of my life surrounded by horses. I owned a beautiful, energetic and clever ex-racehorse when I was growing up. Sadly, the demands of my working life mean I am no longer a daily rider, but equestrianism remains a passion of mine, and one that I am pleased to say is shared by my wife and children.


I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College West in the USA in 1992 and worked in France and Italy before coming to England in 1997. I opened my own chiropractic clinic in London in 2000, and opened a second practice in 2007 in Kent.


In 2012 I started a course with a well known equine osteopath called Stuart McGregor. He helped me to rediscover the love and the passion I have for the equine world.   I certainly appreciate having an excellent teacher – he is now regarded as one of Europe’s finest equine osteopaths and remains amongst other equine chiropractors a mentor and inspiration.


Horse Chiropractor London Equine ChiropracticThroughout my career I have been fortunate enough to shadow colleagues working with the leading racehorse trainers in England, Ireland and France. I find horses to be fascinating creatures, and it amazes me how effective chiropractic treatments can result in a horse performing to its full potential. In many ways they are different to treat than people, as their psychological complexity can be easier to understand.


I also enjoy the challenges that treating horses represents – a human being can inform you of their symptoms and advise if they find what you are doing seems beneficial. When you are working with an animal you do not have that luxury, therefore you need to be fully in tune with the horse’s mechanical functioning in order to make the correct diagnosis and provide the proper solution.